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COUPLE SUMMER SESSION | Elizabeth Gamble Garden | Bay Area Photographer

The perks of having your sister being a photographer: you get amazing couple photos! I (Heather) have always wanted photos with flowers or in a garden, and finally was able to at Elizabeth Gamble Garden in Palo Alto!

Elizabeth Gamble Garden feels like you're in an English Secret Garden, with all of the pathways, gazebo, and various foliage. Volunteers take care of the garden and they do an amazing job!

We talked through outfits and what would work best with the colors of the garden and it all came together so well! Check out our style guide if you want some tips for outfit planning!)

The past months we have been surrounded by multiple fires in the Silicon Valley and have had to postpone many of our photoshoots; but for this session the air quality was much improved, and we were so happy to get these magical, glowy shots!

Being a photographer I'd much rather be behind the lens instead of in front of it, but I have such a handsome and laid-back husband that it made posing for these photos easy. ;-)


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