It's time for photos but you have no clue where to start in choosing your outfit! Here are some style tips to create those timeless photos to frame and hang on your wall!

Outfits play a huge part in the outcome of your photo. We are here to help you with the best choice of outfit that still reflects your personality and creates a gorgeous, timeless look! Here are a few tips of what to wear and what NOT to wear:


Choose neutrals and shades instead of bold, bright colors

Bold, bright colors cause unnatural skin-tones to your photos (i.e. bright orange, red or yellow, neons). Instead, choose neutrals or shades which create natural skin-tones and bring the focus more on your faces than your clothes!

Neutrals create that timeless look which turn GOOD photos into GREAT ones!

Great neutral colors are: tans, creams, blush pink, sage green, grays, light blue, browns, pastels, and mustard yellow.

If you’re struggling with choosing color schemes, always remember that lighter is better, especially for Golden Hour photos!


Choose variety instead of being matchy-matchy.

Matching outfits can be mundane and unflattering. Add variety to your clothing by choosing 2-3 colors to work with, as well as incorporating solid colors and subtle patterns to your outfits. Refrain from wearing clothes with logos or graphic images as they become too distracting in the photo.

Instead of wearing the exact same color (such as red), include different shades to add variety to your clothing!

Include your fur babies in your outfit choices as well! Use neutral tones for collars and leashes.


Choose textures and layers instead of big patterns

Big patterns (i.e. large & bold floral prints, plaid, large polka dots) can be distracting in photos and take the focus away from the subject. If you’re wanting a large pattern, put it on a smaller subject, such as your baby or wear layers over it (i.e. a neutral sweater, scarf or jacket).

Subtle patterns, floral prints, and pops of color add a great element to your photos too!


Choose what makes you feel comfortable.

Wear what makes you feel comfortable within the parameters suggested above. Be casual and natural with your outfit choices!

Choose comfortable, practical shoes.

Unless you’re having a formal, styled shoot, wear shoes that make you feel comfortable, since most of our sessions are taken outside in grassy terrain. Wear neutral-colored flat or low-pump shoes; half boots are always a go-to! Try to stay away from distracting logos, big patterns or bright colors on your shoes, especially for kids.


Get creative in adding an extra element to your shoot!

Throw in a hat, color pop of jewelry, floral bouquet, or a flower crown to add creative interest to your photos. These work best for portraits, styled shoots, couples and maternity photos.


Have fun!

We want you to have the best photoshoot experience with us, and outfits play a huge part in that. When you follow the tips above, we guarantee your photoshoot will be memorable, fun and enjoyable!