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ABOUT THE LOCATION | Redwood Grove Nature Preserve | Bay Area Photographers

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Redwood Grove Nature Preserve

482 University Ave. Los Altos, CA 94022

Redwood Grove Nature Preserve is a beautiful little haven off of University Avenue in Los Altos, nestled in a quiet neighborhood with towering redwood trees that provide shade throughout the day and golden light peaking through the trees before golden hour. There is also a small creek along fenced wooden pathways.


There is free street parking in the neighborhood along University Avenue.


No entrance or parking fees.


Portable bathrooms are located at the entrance of the park.


Because it is a hidden preserve it's easy to drive past it while looking for it. It is also a very mild 5-7 minute downhill walk to the entrance of the park from the street.


Pets are allowed on a leash.


As we mentioned before, it's easy to drive past the entrance so make sure to arrive for your session early to give you enough time to find parking along the street and walk to the park entrance.

Because it is a forest with a creek, make sure to wear bug spray as there tends to be more bugs.

It is a photographer's hotspot, so it may get crowded later in the day due to multiple photoshoots going on simultaneously.




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