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ABOUT THE LOCATION | Bedwell Bayfront Park, Menlo Park | Bay Area Photographers

Bedwell Bayfront Park Menlo Park Bay Area Photographer Couple Photoshoot neutral outfits white poodle puppy

Located across from the main Facebook campus in Menlo Park is this gem of rolling hills, marshland and fields of grass throughout the seasons and flowers in the spring. On the hilltop is a breathtaking view of the East Bay that can be seen for miles. It is kid and pet-friendly, and is a great location to choose if you have a fur baby!


Parking is free and open for public access.


There are no entrance fees.


This park has smooth dirt paths but there is a mild trek when walking uphill,

so we recommend bringing an extra pair of walking shoes.

Bathrooms are available for use until before sunset.


Pets are allowed at this location! Be sure to keep a leash on for your fur baby.


It tends to get very brown during the late summer months, and every so often the tall grass is shorn.

Parking is limited, especially on weekends.



If you're wanting photos with rolling hills, tall grass, flowers and an epic view of the East Bay, Bedwell Bayfront Park is the location for you!

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