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GLOWY MATERNITY SESSION | Baylands Park, Sunnyvale | Bay Area Photographer

You may recognize this couple from our previous post! After our overcast beach session, our mama-to-be REALLY wanted some glowy mama photos, so we had a take #2 for some additional maternity photos (because why not?)

We always can depend on amazing glowy light during golden hour at Baylands Park! It's definitely our "go-to" spot for photoshoots.

Our parents-to-be rocked it in the outfit department with these amazing light and fresh colors. We always like to throw in a shot with mama in a flower crown (from our handmade selection!)

Also, LOOK AT THOSE CUTE LITTLE VINTAGE SHOES! We love incorporating timeless props in our photos (these shoes were gifted by the baby's auntie.)

We know COVID has disrupted a lot of plans and it's easy to live with a defeated attitude in only thinking good things come when all this is over. But we want to encourage you to live every day to the fullest! Make memories with your loved ones, take time to reach out to someone, and be present in every moment. Because, even though we may be stuck in our homes, time still flies and you don't want to miss what is right in front of you.

Many blessings to this family! We hope they enjoy every single moment with their little one!


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