SPRING FAMILY SESSION | Heritage Orchard, Saratoga

Can we just say how much we love this family? We've taken their photos multiple times and every time it's so enjoyable! They love and adore their little girl SO much--and our favorite thing is hanging back and capturing the sweet moments between them and their little girl (seriously she is SO cute!).

Their outfits paired SO well with the landscape of the orchard and flowers, and we especially loved the sage dress the mom wore from Target! (It's seriously our favorite color and we were ecstatic to see she wore not only the dress, but brought a sun hat as well!)


Testimonial from the family:

OH MY GOSH!! Heather and Kissy, we have no words.

The photos are soooooooo wonderful, amazing, gorgeous. We are blown away. You are better than the best.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Ooooh, we are so happy to know you.


We are happy to know them too! :-)