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ABOUT THE LOCATION | Coyote Lake Harvey Bear Ranch County Park | Bay Area Photographers

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Coyote Lake Harvey Bear Ranch County Park (Martín Murphy Trailhead), San Martin

2080 E San Martin Ave, San Martin, CA 95046

Nestled along the hills of east Gilroy and located off the highway 101, this regional recreation area is known for its wide open fields, hills, and various wildlife. It's a hiker's hotspot, and has miles of rural land for scenic landscapes. Coyote Lake Harvey Bear Ranch is a huge park but this location is for the Martín Murphy Trailhead at the base of the hills and right off the San Martin Exit.


Parking is free and open for public access.


There are no entrance fees.


This park has smooth dirt and paved paths, so we recommend wearing comfortable shoes. Portable restrooms are available for use until before sunset.


Pets are allowed on leash due to the wildlife in the area. There are cows that roam nearby as well as horse riders so keep in mind for your pups that may get excited when they see them.


Due to it being a shared trail with horse riders, there may be horse/animal droppings which isn't fun when stepped in.



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