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Hollister, Ca


Residential Backyard


Sarah and Quincy were in the same circle of friends and church ministry for a number of years until finally they both began to see each other in a different way. Quincy hired us to shoot the surprise proposal at the San Juan Bautista Mission Garden. Knowing Sarah was a lover of all things flowers - Quincy wanted to be surrounded by a colorful array of roses at the garden but alas, on the day of the planned proposal, there was only one little tiny rose. Although there were many speed bumps along the way (as is with most surprise proposals!), Quincy was able to draw Sarah over to the planned spot where family and close friends awaited behind bushes and pillars. It was emotional and beautiful - and we were so blessed to be a part of their wedding journey.


It was planned to be a scorcher so we prepared for a long day ahead of us. Kissy - a bridesmaid as well as a photographer for this wedding - started early capturing the getting ready process. 

As we bumped up our A/C driving over to the First Look, we prepared ourselves for the 90 degree temps. The couple wanted an intimate, secluded time for their First Look and we discovered a eucalyptus tree which provided a sweet haven for their special moment. They exchanged gifts with one another as well as took a deep breath and prayed before all the hustle and bustle began.

We then grabbed all of the wedding party (a bridal party of 23) as well as immediate family, for a few shots before we rushed inside to air conditioning awaiting the guests arrival. Because Kissy was in the wedding (as well as photographing), Heather's husband was able to stand in as second shooter when Kissy wasn't able to during the ceremony.

Quincy had always envisioned Sarah coming down the porch steps even before they were engaged and it was a beautiful moment as she walked down with her dad.

The Bride and Groom's mentors as well as close friends officiated the wedding. A little booklet of their love story was read as a surprise and added such a meaningful touch to the ceremony. Since Quincy is a worship leader and grew up surrounded by musicians, music was integral part of their wedding. He asked Kissy to lead a time of worship during the ceremony and jumped in for a song as a surprise to the Bride. They had a time of communion and ended the ceremony with celebration.

Being a small business owner herself, Sarah was so thoughtful in every single detail of her wedding day. The vibrant florals added such a beautiful pop of color woven throughout the wedding venue. Her ring was chosen from a family friend's jewelers. The coffee was provided by a local barista. And all the DIY details held a lot of meaning to the couple.

A family friend was so kind to offer their backyard baseball field for the venue which worked so perfectly for Sarah and Quincy. A giant willow tree provided shade and a beautiful backdrop for their reception. We watched the sun go down over a beautiful wheat field during their ceremony and the sky lit up with orange and pink hues for a breathtaking sunset.

Sarah and Quincy are such genuine people who truly care about every person they encounter. Their love for Jesus shines bright throughout every aspect of their lives and it's a privilege to know them and be a part of their special day.

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