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Felton, Ca


Roaring Camp Railroads

Kaitlin and Graeson had a long-distance relationship (kudos to them!) You could tell that when they were together, they brought out the best qualities of each other. We met Kaitlin for our first meeting and knew off the bat that this was going to be a very meaningful wedding with so many personalized touches in every detail. We met them both for their Engagement Session and had a blast getting to know Graeson more (as it was our first meeting with him). We found out we have favorite shows in common (who doesn't love Parks and Rec and The Office!? Come on!)

Kaitlin and Graeson were watching a thriller movie and, as Graeson came around the corner, he got down on one knee and popped the question (just as a bloody scene was going on right next to them on the TV screen!). It was all caught on the doggy-cam!

We have photographed a few weddings at Roaring Camp Railroads and had an idea about the layout of the venue already. So many natural elements, with the rustic Bret Hart Hall to the train that comes through every day. Roaring Camp is situated right next to Henry Cowell State Park where you can see all the redwood trees towering over.

From the get-go, Kaitlin wanted to make sure every single person was having a good time and everything was covered for them. She even made goody bags for each of the little ones in her wedding party (how sweet is that?!) She was so attentive and thoughtful of detail honoring loved ones passed away. She had mentioned her Grandpa (who recently passed) had mentioned that every wedding should have Krispy Kreme doughnuts present and, sure enough, there they were on her dessert display! Star Wars was also a very present element throughout the day from the bride's shoes, to the Star Wars themed dessert table (Han's Rolos...really?!) to a light saber exit! So fun!

Kaitlin got ready in the Schoolhouse and had an intimate First Look with her Dad (we so love Dad's First Looks!) Graeson didn't want to see her before the Ceremony, so they had a sweet moment of prayer together without seeing one other. Kaitlin's love for Taco Bell made it's way in this moment as well as Graeson always jokes with her about it. 

The Ceremony was held in Bret Harte Hall and had so many sweet and emotional moments between the Bride and Groom. You can tell they love each other deeply.

We snagged a few bridal party shots and had to race up the grassy hill for the Bride and Groom portraits before the sun went down.
Every little detail, from the Groom's military garb, the bouquet honoring past loved ones, the piece of material sewn into the Bride's dress from her grandpa's shirt, and the touching toasts by the wedding party, all just made this wedding so so sweet.

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