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Castro Valley, Ca


Wedgewood Redwood Canyon

Joyce and Chris are just the sweetest. Just from our first meeting with them, we knew how much they love their people and just wanted to bless and be with every single one of them on their happy day.
The couple were so cute - with Joyce’s diy mega planning attitude and Chris’ over exuberant demeanor and obsession with the Warriors (they incorporated that in the reception), we had so much getting to know them.
Fun fact: the Bride MADE all of her florals BY HAND with shaved wood! We were so amazed by her talent and organization. 
We met up with the bridal party at the hotel and took the guys and girl’s separate bridal party photos where it was windy and a nice reprieve to the warm sun. Joyce also gave monogrammed cups to all of her bridesmaids as well as us! She made us feel so special.
We then all headed over to the venue where Chris got ready for the First Look. We absolutely LOVED Joyce’s dress which gave us all the dreamy ethereal vibes! After the sweetest moment together, they shared gifts with each other and WOW - they were so intentional and sweet. Chris gave Joyce a jewelry case with a little note inside. He explained the importance and meaning behind it. When they started dating, they wrote on little pieces of paper and this one said “Get married” which Chris kept all this time. Joyce gave Chris new sunglasses and a ring that had belonged to her late father.
We photographed their couple photos among the beautiful green lawn and shaded trees that made us feel like we were in England or something!
The ceremony was in an enclosed garden which created a beautiful and intimate atmosphere. It started a little late, but it worked out because the light was so gorgeous when we got to the end. They started with a traditional tea service with a blooming flower (you had to be there to see how gorgeous it was!) and they blended the kettles of water together as a symbol of blending their families together. They then poured it into cups and passed it to all of their family members. Truly a sweet moment to experience. The officiant who was a pastor at their church gave a meaningful message and he even inserted a quote about Lord of the Rings which is a fav in our books.
Sunset photos were a dream and we could have shot more hours if given the chance because Chris and Joyce were so enjoyable to photograph. We went to the reception where they entered with a different grand entrance. The bridal party made an aisle from the doors when Joyce and Chris entered to basketball entrance music. They all gathered together and made a team “break!” 
The rest of the evening was spent with great food, homemade boba tea, a heartfelt slideshow made by the sister of the bride, and sweet toasts by their loved ones. 
Chris and Joyce, we had so much with you guys! You didn’t make us feel like workers but part of your friend crew and we had so much with you! God certainly smiled down when He fashioned you for one another and we pray for many more beautiful moments to come!
Venue: Wedgewood Redwood Canyon
Bride’s Dress: David’s Bridal
Bride’s HMU: Ashley Sun
Groom’s Suit: Perry Ellis Tux
Florist: DIY
Cake: Ruby King Bakery
DJ: iMobile DJs
Videography: Bay Area VDO

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