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Burlingame, Ca


Fairview Crystal Springs 

This couple is so fun! They were so excited to plan their wedding and say I DO! When we took their engagement photos, we got to know them as a couple (as we had previously known Gio from church.) and they were so fun to photograph! They said they weren't photogenic but we cleared that thought out of the way!

They met many years ago and started dating on and off over a span of 10 years. Finally, Armando popped the question and they began the wedding journey process!

We have never shot a wedding at this venue before and we were taken aback at just how gorgeous the ceremony site was! Overlooking the Crystal Springs Reservoir with a majestic mountain view, the ceremony was held at a white little gazebo next to the venue's gold course. We were able to watch the sun set as they said I DO.

Gio was so calm when getting ready. We were pressed for time but she didn't show an ounce of worry. She requested a first look with her dad which was so touching and heartfelt. We then hoofed it over to the ceremony site where the guests were waiting. Their old youth pastor officiated the wedding and following the ceremony we photographed the family and bridal party photos. 

During blue hour we were able to photograph the couple photos and just kept getting our breaths taken away with the scenery. A couple staff on site mentioned it's not normally clear during weddings and how fortunate we were to have such a clear backdrop.

We then drove a few minutes to the reception site where cocktail hour was still underway. And can we tell you the full hype of the DJ's and crew?! They had a live band as well as a few coordinated dances we had never seen before (one involved throwing candy and one called La Vibora de La Mar the Sea Snake Dance), a money dance, and just full on enjoyment for the rest of the evening. 

You could tell every single guest had a great time!

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