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Scotts Valley, Ca


Regeneration Church


Kissy was Gaby's youth leader from Jr. High to High School and they have been friends ever since. Dylan is a part of a Motocross crew and travels all over the nation for it.

Gaby and Dylan grew up in the same youth group and became youth leaders at their church during the same time. Being in the same friend group, they got to know each other pretty well. Dylan proposed in a romantic setting at the Seabright lighthouse where he had a friend hide and capture the footage of Gaby's reaction. They are both such a sweet couple and love others in such a way that reflects through their relationships.


When Gaby was younger, she attended a wedding at the Regeneration Church Outdoor Grove and dreamt of having her wedding there one day (even before she and Dylan were an item.) The towering redwood trees provided a majestic setting for their ceremony and reception.


Dylan's mom is a wedding planner having all the details in place (if you don't have a wedding coordinator, we highly recommend getting one!) as well as had someone cover for the day-of festivities.

It was scheduled to rain and be chilly but PRAISE THE LORD for clear skies and warm weather. With the trees blocking most of the sun, we were worried about having less light due to rain clouds but it all cleared up and worked in our favor!


Gaby was such a calm bride - no nerves, no bride-zilla moments, no freak out, just calm. (We LOVED that about her!) She was so thoughtful of us throughout the day and did everything we asked of her without hesitation.

The ladies got ready in a hotel suite and drove over to the venue where we shot the bridesmaids photos. The guys came later for their glamour shots in front of a real deal hot rod that belonged to Dylan's dad. Dylan mentioned ordering his custom-made suit from an Italian tailor. His tailor chose colors, patterns, and textures that would complement the colors of the wedding and the venue with the grove of redwoods. (We'd never heard of that and thought what an awesome idea!)

As the guests arrived, Dylan awaited seeing Gaby for the first time in her gown and as she walked down the aisle, we were touched by the emotional response he gave. They said their "I Do's" underneath a wooden arch, took communion (where there was a dead yellow jacket floating in the cup but the Bride did a good job covering that up), and then Dylan surprised Gaby by pulling out a chair and washing her feet.

After their family formals and wedding party photos, we pulled them away for a time to capture their couple photos in which we got everything done before our schedule! They entered in to the song from The Office episode of Jim and Pam's wedding. Gaby's dad gave a heartfelt and tearful toast, the guests ate yummy food under a starlit night and redwood trees, and everyone had fun!

All in all, a sweet wedding indeed!

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