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San Francisco, Ca


SF City Hall

Alex and Jake are such chill and laid back people. We had so much fun trying out different areas and they were game to try out different poses as well! They started out as friends for many years (they met at the gym!) until they started dating. Jake proposed on Thanksgiving in front of their whole family and here they are now sealing the deal! (They had their official ceremony in an intimate backyard setting which sounds just like them being the cool people they are!)

When she had reached out to us, Alex had mentioned wanting to focus on the beauty of the SF City Hall. With big background shots and no one else in the photo. 

Planning your elopement can be daunting and overwhelming but if you choose to have your photos taken at SF City Hall, it can be so simple! The San Francisco City Hall is breathtaking with its gorgeous halls and architecture and marble structures. We felt like we were in a different country with the vaulted ceilings and intricate designs!

We had been wanting to shoot at the City Hall and this was our moment! We suggest arriving early and getting your photos taken right as the doors open as it can get pretty populated around 11am. We had heard that Friday’s are the worst days to go so we went on a Thursday. There were a couple other wedding shoots happening but it’s such a big venue that you have spots for everyone to take photos in. The SF City Hall is open to the public so keep that in mind when planning your session.

With the Bride’s lace open back dress and the Groom in a classic tux, we were able to capture a classic and bohemian style which complimented their style. We waited for the photos at the grand staircase because EVERYONE wanted a photo there so we waited for our moment and took it when the spot opened up! We’re so glad we did because those are some of our favs! The fourth floor had epic light (we wished we could stay there the whole time because of the massive windows letting in all the natural sunlight - a photographer’s dream!) As the shoot went on, we saw more tourist buses drop off more saturated-colored-jacket school kids and tourists so we’re glad we planned our shoot early! 

All in all, such a dreamy shoot we can cross off our bucket list!

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