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San Francisco, Ca


San Francisco Zoo


Some had said there was chemistry between them, and not just because they met in chemistry class! Patrick invited Lucy to study group where a few friends would get together every week. The study group soon became a study duo as they began to meet at coffee shops and each other’s homes. Patrick says Lucy made the first move because he was so shy. Almost seven years later, a wedding date was established!


It was a hot summer’s day in the Bay Area but that didn’t deter us from being able to enjoy the beautiful scenery that the SF Zoo had to offer. The gardens were flourishing with colorful flowers and - with the zoo being closed to the public - the zoo provided the intimate atmosphere for the sacred joining of these two special humans.


The SF Zoo did an amazing job in catering to a COVID wedding!


Lucy designed her dress and made it by hand! YES, BY HAND! Her vintage inspired dress had such intricate details in the ruffled hem and sleeves. She even made all the florals by hand with crepe paper and felt!


Her vintage jewelry added a special flare along with her velvet blue shoes. (We kept thinking to ourselves - she’s a beautiful modern day Snow White!)


The zoo provided the perfect backdrop for this couple's wedding. As Patrick is aiming to be a Veterinarian, it was apropos they have their wedding amongst the majestic animals. 


The First Look was taken at the Zoo’s garden. With butterflies flitting about and vibrant colors from the various flowers, it provided the best setup for their reveal. 


Patrick was nervous but once he turned around to see his future bride, you could see the nerves melt away. It was a special, private moment for them where they could take a breath from the hustle and bustle and just be in each other’s presence. (We always recommend getting a First Look for our couples! Great way to get couple portraits in before the busy timeline.)


We then headed over to the African Savanna with an amazing view of giraffes, zebras, and other animals! Lucy and Patrick had so much handmade decorations that added the perfect color pop for their wedding decor! Their wedding arch was covered in tulle with handmade paper origami stars. (Seriously, everywhere we looked, there was another handmade detail! They did such a great job!)


Their friend made an artistic and vibrant cake (they even added Lucy and Schroeder from Charlie Brown - how cute?!) and they had gourmet cupcakes and Dippin' Dots for their guests. (YUM!)


The zoo then offered a private guided view tour of the park for the wedding guests. We were able to see the sleepy zoo animals lazing in the sun as well as visit the 100 year-old carousel!


Lucy and Patrick are the sweetest and most thoughtful couple with such tender hearts. Their handmade wedding was the perfect glimmer of joy during a worldwide pandemic. They honored their guests by providing a safe environment to join them in the happy union of two souls becoming one.

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