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HKCREATE Photography Bay Area Family Wedding Photographers Sister Duo Heather and Kissy


We are Heather and Kissy, sisters who enjoy the little things in life: family-time, games, laughter, food, kids movies, playing worship with our family, and creating memorable moments with our loved ones.

We come from a family of 4 daughters, our mom and outnumbered dad. Our childhood was built on faith, family, and community filled much with laughter, imagination and creativity. We are children of the 90's - Barbies, mud pies, playing house, make-believe - and proud of it.

We are kids at heart and love the simple things in life: laughter, playing games, quality time with friends, and hanging out with our family.

WE LOVE TO MAKE PEOPLE LAUGH. Nothing gives us more joy than bringing smiles to people's faces!

We know that time flies while you're having fun and we would love to create lasting memories with you through art, graphics or photography.


Bay Area natives, HKCREATE is a sister duo who love to connect with people to create beautiful things through photography, graphic design, and art! 


When we’re taking photos, we always look for authenticity because our favorite photos are the joyful and candid moments that reflect the most genuine YOU. 


Being natural light photographers, we’re always on the lookout for the BEST light that flatters you most. Our editing style is light and airy with a little added pop while staying true to color so you can enjoy your photos throughout the years! 


Our goal is to create an atmosphere of pure joy– because when you’re having fun during your session, it allows your true personality to shine.


We LOVE what we do and with over a decade of experience, we know how to get creative in capturing the best of YOU!

HKCREATE hk create Photography Bay Area Family Wedding Photographers Sister Duo baylands park sunnyvale coral blue white color scheme ideas family of three overall dress toddler girl
hk create hkcreate photography and graphic design digital portrait custom

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