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Felton, Ca


Roaring Camp Railroads

This wedding was a photographer's dream with all the lush and vibrant colors along with the natural beauty of Roaring Camp Railroads. The sun made it's way for this winter wedding, creating an ethereal beauty within the Cathedral Grove under the towering Santa Cruz redwoods only accessible by train. From the florals that held a sweet fragrance to the intricate design on the chinaware, every single detail added a unique charm that made their wedding their own. The live band during the reception was a great addition as they played a special song requested for the Bride and Groom's first dance.

Nick and Kathryn both have such beautiful hearts and they made it a priority to spend genuine time with all of their guests. It was such a joy to capture the love between these two beautiful souls and wishing them all the best in the years to come as they being this new journey of life together. Enjoy!

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