We so enjoyed capturing this family's maternity photos (see blog) and were excited to take little Zoe's newborn photos as well!

Last year seemed to be the year of boys (most of our newborn shoots were of boys!) and this year seems to be the year of girls (most of the families for our maternity sessions are expecting baby girls!) We were super excited to do a baby girl shoot, because let's be honest, little girl outfits are so much fun! ;-)

Zoe had such a headful of hair, plump little lips, chunkiest cheeks and legs! She looked so adorable in a cute little lace outfit her mom found online for her to wear for her portraits.

Her big brother is still getting used to having a baby sister, and is still unsure about holding her, but we were able to get some super cute shots of his contagious, big smile and rambunctious personality with his little sister.

This family is so sweet with each other which is evident in every photo, and we are so happy for this newest little addition to their family!