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WINTER MATERNITY SESSION | Coyote Creek Trail, Morgan Hill | Bay Area Photographer

Coyote Creek Trail has quickly become one of our favorite locations! How did we not know about this spot until last year? lol ;-) We love how vast it is, and the various foliage, meadows, trees, fields, etc. that it offers. We've never been there in the winter until this year, and wow! What a difference! Everything is so GREEN! Which paired so well for this Maternity Shoot.

This shoot was so special because this couple waited so patiently to be pregnant with their little one. You can see in every photo how treasured and precious this little girl already is to her parents, and she will be so well loved!

We're always excited to hear how our clients find us, whether they're referred by a friend, through Google Search, Facebook group, or.....INSTAGRAM! Haha those #hashtags sure do pay off, which is how this mama-to-be found us!

She found her green dress on Amazon and her gold dress on BalticBorn--which wasn't even a Maternity dress! We thought the green went so well with the grass and trees, and the gold highlighted Golden Hour and Sunset--making these photos soooo magical! We couldn't be happier with their outfits--and if you ever want outfit inspiration for your maternity photoshoot, check out our Maternity Styling Tips! (This mama is featured in it! ;-) )

Maternity shoots are becoming by far one of our faves--because in the midst of such a challenging year (2020) to now (2021)--we're glad these families have something precious and good to look forward to.

A message from the mama-to-be:

Ladies, we are obsessed! These are fantastic! We could not be happier. Thank you so much for these incredible memories and for being so sweet and talented. We'll definitely be in touch for family photos in the future. Thanks again and again!"

We look forward to meeting their little girl and documenting their family photos soon!

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