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Any excuse for us to go to the beach is a win!

We've had the pleasure of taking this family's photos multiple times, and it's always great catching up with them each session. There is a new addition to their family this year, and her name is Peaches! What a beautiful, photogenic dog--she is so loved! We love including photos of fur babies, because after all, they are an important part and member of the family!

Since we wanted to take their photos on the beach closer to sunset to have that "glowy" look, we decided to take some of their family photos at a hidden trail we discovered, which had awesome lighting and flowers along the pathway.

The boys had fun playing in the sand and running on the beach. Such a fun time!

Outfits always play a huge role in photo sessions, especially at the beach! We always encourage wearing soft, light colors to get that light and airy feel for your photos. We love the colors this family wore for their session!

Capturing sweet moments for this family was the highlight of our day and session!

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