Do you have a small business and are looking to re-brand? Are you graduating from High School or College? Or are you wanting to schedule a portrait session "just for fun"?

We know it can be awkward or nerve-wracking to get photos taken of just you as the subject, but here are some tips on how to make your portrait session with us stress-free, relaxing, and enjoyable!


If you are starting up a business or you're looking to revamp and rebrand your style, a portrait session is a great place to start! We love teaming up with small businesses and helping them pursue their dream. We also create logos for businesses like the one shown below!

Pictured above: Angenette is a Revelation Wellness Health Instructor and Health Coach. She wanted to incorporate her favorite Bible verse (Isaiah 40:31) and color (rose-gold) into her session by pulling colors from her logo!

Pictured above: Another way of rebranding your business is updating your profile pictures, such as LinkedIn or Facebook!


All that hard work has finally paid off! Celebrate your graduation by dancing in a field of flowers, popping a bottle of champagne or throwing some confetti! Make sure to wear outfits that celebrate you and your style, by throwing in some pops of color along with those neutral tones we love so much. Add some accessories and props to create interest to your photos. This is your time to shine!

Pictured above: Boy, were we blown away by all the flowers in bloom for those photoshoot! This stunning young lady celebrated her high school graduation with cherry blossoms and a field of flowers at Heritage Orchard. Absolutely GORGEOUS!

Pictured above: Wheat fields, hillscapes, green trees and white cement gave a wide variety of photos for this high school grad!

Pictured above: Fun fact: These two have been together since high school, graduated from the same college (San Jose State University) and are engaged!

Pictured above: This college grad brought some confetti to throw (don't worry, we picked up every little piece off the ground) and celebrated her graduation by shaking a bottle of champagne! Cheers!

Pictured above: Not only can you take photos for your high school and college graduation, but for Jr. High too!


Portrait sessions are a great way to promote and advertise your fashion business. Pick a variety of outfits to wear, and we'll be sure you shine and showcase your product. Hang out with us and let's get creative!

Pictured above: Our sister is a LulaRoe Clothing Consultant, and she wanted to schedule a photoshoot with her and her fellow consultants! We had a blast with these ladies!

Pictured above: This fashion consultant wanted to showcase her LuLaRoe outfits by renting a studio space for this session!


Last but certainly not least, you don't need a reason to have a portrait session, but can do it just for fun! Wear clothing that reflects you and your style, as well as follow the tips in our Outfit Style Guide to get the best photos of you. For the ladies: make sure to get your hair and makeup done (because why not?), nails painted, and add a hat or colorful necklace in there for an additional flare to your photos!

Pictured above: This lady's husband gifted her with a photoshoot for her birthday (isn't that so sweet?!), and we had so much with her, taking photos in Downtown Mountain View!

Pictured above: We wanted to capture the spring flowers at this location, and our sister was up for an adventure with us to try it out! We found some unique areas for photos, and even snuck in a few shots of ourselves! ;-)

When planning your shoot, add in some accessories that reflect your style! Don't be afraid to think outside the box and experiment ideas. We want to go on an adventure with you and capture your unique personality whether it's for your business, graduation, or "just because." Let's have fun!