OUTDOOR NEWBORN SESSION // Baylands Park, Sunnyvale

This was our first outdoor Newborn Session and WE ARE HERE FOR IT! We couldn't have been more excited for "all the glowy and dreamy photos"! It was a little breezy (come on weather , we're trying to keep up with your crazy weird fickleness!) but we managed to keep the lil lady warm in a handmade blanket provided by the family's relative.

We absolutely fell in love with this little family. They knocked it out of the park with their outfit choices! They were so sweet and encouraging throughout the shoot and were such troopers when their lil baby was just not having it in some moments of the day. (Nothing a good ole' diaper change can't fix! As well as laying on daddy's shoulder - calmed her right down!)

You can tell these parents love and adore their newest little addition to their family! Every moment was treasured holding their little one (all the heart eyes!).

Baylands Park is super convenient to shoot at (parking lot is close by, there are bathrooms, and it's flat for easy walking). Because of how diverse the park is, we are able to take photos in different sections which allow us to get creative with each of our families. But when you schedule a golden hour shoot - you get ALL THE GLOWY PHOTOS! (Insert heart eyes here) If you're unsure when or where to get your photos taken, Baylands Park is a good place to start!