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NOAH & DAVIDA PROPOSAL | Guadalupe Oak Grove Park | Bay Area Photographers

We've known Noah since he was 2 years old, and met Davida when we took their prom photos a few years back. We were ecstatic when Noah called and said he wanted us to capture his "surprise" proposal to Davida with the guise of gifting her with a Valentine's Day Photoshoot!

After a few poses in the beginning of the session, we collaborated with Noah that we'd pose them in a position where Davida's back was turned to him so he could get ready to get down on one knee. We could tell she thought the pose was a bit awkward (lol) but once she turned around, alllll the heart eyes! It was such a sweet moment to capture and be a part of and, of course, she said YES!

By the way--they had their ring CUSTOM-MADE and designed it THEMSELVES! We had to get a few shots of the diamond-studded bling. ;-)

We felt so honored to be a part of this special moment, and couldn't be happier with the photos. Plus, we just discovered this secret grove of trees at Guadalupe Oak Grove Park, that is AMAZING! Especially in the springtime. We chose it so it would be an intimate setting, uninterrupted for Noah & Davida.

All the best and congratulations to these two on their engagement!

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