We have had the privilege to photograph this family's photos multiple times, two of them being newborn sessions! It gets sweeter and sweeter every time!

Since the first two siblings are boys, when we found out they were having a girl we were SO excited for them! We began brainstorming ideas for ALL THE PINK THINGS! When we arrived, her mom pulled out a full basket of bows and headbands and we couldn't stop gushing over how cute every single little thing was! Let's be honest, little girls are so much fun to dress up! ;-)

This lil' cherub was so peaceful during her session. Even while she was awake for most of the time, she was quiet and observant as her brothers ran circles around her (haha). ;-)

We can't overlook the gorgeous dress her mama was wearing! Light and elegant were key words for this shoot and mama sure delivered on every aspect!

Kaloe's name means "God's gift"--and she is definitely a precious gift to this wonderful family!