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SPRING GRADUATION SESSION | Shark Fin Cove | Bay Area Photographer

A few weeks ago we FINALLY had the opportunity to shoot some photo sessions since the shelter-in-place began in the Bay Area. Our trigger-happy fingers were so excited! We were looking forward to taking photos in a flower field, but since the spring season in the Bay Area is pretty much over, any chance of getting colorful flowers in our photos was impossible (so we thought).

As we were driving to Shark Fin Cove, suddenly we saw little water droplets on the windshield and thought, "the forecast said it was supposed to be partly cloudy!" Then, it wasn't just sprinkling-- it was RAINING! We were thinking, "should we reschedule?"

Instead of turning back, we decided to press on, since the forecast said it wasn't raining (fingers crossed!) where we were going.

After praying and praying for the Lord to please stop the rain when we got to the location, once we arrived-- guess what happened? It IMMEDIATELY ceased raining! It wasn't even that muddy or cold, just overcast. AND once we walked along the cliffs at Shark Fin Cove, there was a flower field! Not only did God answer our prayer regarding the weather, but also the desire of our hearts, which was to take photos in a field of flowers (plus He added some cute little bunnies along the way!). An added bonus--this beautiful girl's dress went along perfectly with the colors of the flowers! This just went to show us that God hears our prayers, no matter how small they seem--in His perfect timing and way.

This young lady will be graduating in June, and though she doesn't get to have a traditional ceremony like in the past due to shelter-in-place, we were so grateful we had the privilege of documenting this special milestone of her life. We wish her all the best!

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