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GOLDEN HOUR MATERNITY SESSION | Morgan Hill | Bay Area Photographers

This family is one of the reasons why we love our job. Every time we see them, it's such a joy! They are so easy-going, fun, and follow our directions so well!

We took Julian and Mary's one-month anniversary photos many years ago, as well as their twins first year cake smash! They own a company called Degracia Built (check out the logo we designed for them!) where they make the most beautiful and well-built furniture! They are genuinely kind souls and made it so effortless to take their photos.

It was a cold day in Morgan Hill but you couldn't tell because of the warm light peeking through the colorful fall trees. We started out on the bridge, then moved towards the orchard grove.

The boys took a lil while to warm up to us but when their grandma and auntie were entertaining them, we got their silly lil smiles! They are so different in personalities but are so cute with each other.

Their love for each other is so evident and when we had Mary sitting with the boys, we asked Julian to come in and hug them from behind which turned into the sweetest bear hug we have documented!

A special note from Mary:

"Thank you guys so much!!! These pics are so special to us and we had SO much fun with you guys! We left and were like “we feel like we just hung out and had a blast for an hour and now we get pictures out of it!” Haha! We love you guys so much! Truly awesome job on the pics, thank you both!!

Love, love, love you!"

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