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GOLDEN HOUR FAMILY SESSION | Coyote Creek Trail, Morgan Hill | Bay Area Photographer

One of the best things about being aunties and photographers is that we get to take pictures of our adorable nieces and nephews! Plus, we may be a little bias, but they are the cutest and have the biggest smiles ever! ;-)

Little brother has SO much energy! As you will see in the photos below--he's running and moving in most of them. He gave us a run for our money--and we literally had to chase after him to get any photos of him haha. But, since he was in his element, candid photos are our faves and we got the most genuine smiles from him running and laughing! (Photo tip: One of the poses that helps solve the issue of wiggly two-year-olds, is putting them on daddy's shoulders!)

We absolutely LOVE their outfits (which went so well with this location)! Our sister is a LuLaRoe clothing consultant--so she knows how to put together outfits well, and she did a superb job! She incorporated a subtle print, and pulled the colors from her dress for the rest of the family's outfits. Give us all the cute vintage dresses, and little boys in suspenders any day!

We love this family (obviously) and always enjoy taking their photos each year. Sometimes it bittersweet to see how much they grow each year because they are getting older, but it's so special to get to know their personalities as character as they get older.

For example, the big sister is kind, thoughtful, nurturing, and a talented artist and musician (she gets that from her parents!) Little sister is silly, helpful (seriously give her a task and she will do it!), loving, and gives the biggest hugs. Little brother is energetic, independent, and a total love bug! His little smooches melt our hearts.

As you can tell, we love our nieces and nephew--and being aunties are the best!

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