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FALL MINI SESSION | Guadalupe Oak Grove Park, San Jose | Bay Area Photographer

Last year we had SO many mini sessions! Guadalupe Oak Grove Park became one of our faves for taking photos, and is a photographers' hotspot! (Seriously we saw soooo many other photographers there!) ;-)

We've had the privilege of being this family's photographers for the past 4 years, when their oldest was only a little guy! Every year we look forward to seeing them as their children grow each year and "catching up" with each other. It's like a mini family reunion!

Little sister is such a spitfire and gave us a run for our money, but when she stopped for the camera to get her "glamour shot", she showed off all her cuteness! We love capturing 2-yr olds in their element and snap those candid shots of them being adventurous. Outdoor sessions are perfect with energetic and adventurous little ones.

Looking forward to seeing this family next year!

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