FALL MINI SESSION // Rancho San Antonio Park, Cupertino

It's beginning to look a lot like...fall! Our first day of fall came and went with 100 degree weather and fire season. So when we went to Rancho San Antonio and saw - not one...not two....but three! - colorful trees, we got excited!

We took this family's photos last year and were excited to see them again. (We love our returning families! It's like a mini reunion each time!) We had to reschedule their session a few times due to poor air quality. (Thank the Lord, the fires are getting more contained!)

We always get jealous when - before during and after photos - the incentive for good behavior is ICE CREAM! (Take us with you!)

The boys did great and we think we have a future photographer in hand as one of them gave us posing ideas throughout the session. Maybe when he's older, he can be our assistant. ;)

We applaud our families who work in the education system as we can understand the challenges of teaching during this time, whether it be distance or in-person learning. Thank you to all educators (and kids) for hanging in there--you are doing an amazing job!