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FALL FAMILY SESSION | Rancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve, Cupertino

Perks of photographing your family members is being super involved with outfit planning. We absolutely LOVE this color scheme our sister and her family came up with!

Normally, every single time we try to take pictures of them, the weather is either too cold or too windy. So we crossed our fingers and tried out Rancho San Antonio hoping for the best! While it was still overcast, we were able to get some glow from the sun (next time, we are going to get that golden glow!). ;-)

These quirky kids were super fun to photograph (they are such characters!) and their parents followed our every direction - while also suggesting some ideas too!

Since most of our dad's side of the family live on the East Coast, we have cherished our family here even more so. We are truly each others' best friend! ;-) Our happy place is when we get to spend time with our parents, sisters and their families. We treasure every moment we get to spend with them!

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