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FALL FAMILY SESSION | Elizabeth Gamble Garden, Palo Alto | Bay Area Photographer

We're really loving this new location we discovered in Palo Alto! We had tried to schedule a photoshoot with this family for a whole year but sickness, COVID-19, lockdowns, quarantines, fires, and whatever else you can name prevented it from happening. We finally said ENOUGH! Let's do this!

Can we just take a moment to say - HOW CUTE ARE THESE OUTFITS?? They bought the cutest blue dress from for their little girl (if you haven't taken a look at their clothing - DO IT - and buy "all the things.")

They did an amazing job with following our style guide we sent them! And can you believe this was their first photoshoot as a family?! They're so photogenic!

There were a gazillion other photographers (an exaggeration but still...a ton) who were all vying for parts of the little garden so we moved to a secluded area in front of the Elizabeth Gamble Historic House. And those became our favorite photos! We loved the brick and the steps (and the kids loved them too!).

We know it not's easy for young kids to sit and smile for photos for a long amount of time, so we like taking the candid approach for them to get comfortable with us being their paparazzi. ;) We always suggest parents bringing bribery snacks (a small baggie with small snacks in it works best in between shots), toys (be sure they can fit into your photoshoot), and BUBBLES! We had a load of fun just saying bubbles and seeing the lil' lady's eyes light up in excitement to catch the one bubble that came out (it barely had anymore bubbles left in it but, hey, one bubble is better than none, right?). The BEST smiles from the kids came from playing a running a game with their parents!

As both parents are essential workers, we want to give a shout out to all who have sacrificed their time and health to get the job done! We are thankful for you!

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