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FALL FAMILY SESSION | Coyote Creek Trail, Morgan Hill | Bay Area Photographer

When we saw this family come out of their car one-by-one, we were SO excited because not only are they family (the dad is our "adopted" cousin) but they followed our Outfit Style Guidelines to the "T"!

This mom put so much time, intentionality and thoughtfulness coordinating her family's outfits, and it paid off! Her dress is by far one of our FAVORITE dresses (check out the website where she bought her dress here) that is flattering on any body type.

It can be challenging to put together so many outfits for a large family, but this mom did SO well, we couldn't stop commenting on how much we loved their outfits!

This family also wanted their foster baby to be a part of the photoshoot! He is so loved and adored by his foster family and is such a happy little guy! Due to respecting the privacy of foster children, we didn't post any photos of his face in our photos. :-)

Coyote Creek in Morgan Hill has become one of our favorite locations to take photos at, because of its' wide, open space and diverse foliage. We love how the wheat softens these photos to get that magical "Golden Hour" glow, and the sunset was epic for this family's shoot.

All in all, this shoot was a win, win, win for us, and we hope you enjoy their photos as much as we enjoyed taking them! ;-)

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