Whether you’re dating, engaged, just married, or celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary, it’s time for some sweet and romantic photos! Here are some styling tips and ideas to get you started in planning for your couple session.


First, we need to think about your color scheme. We always suggest going for soft, neutral colors to create a romantic and timeless look but also make sure your personalities stand out!


We absolutely LOVE neutral tones! They add a soft, romantic flare to any session and look best during golden hour! Bring us ALL the creamy dreamy outfits!

Pro-tip: Light colors. When choosing light colors, make sure it's not see-through and, if so, layer accordingly.


Let your personality shine through bold colors! Make sure you variegate with some neutrals to offset your colors so it doesn't get overwhelming in the photo.


We want you to feel comfortable in front of the camera! Your outfits can play a big role in that. Don't be matchy-matchy but add variety to your clothing by choosing 2-3 colors to work with. Throw in a subtle pattern with a solid color for some pop! To create the timeless feel, we advise against logos or graphics.


It can be daunting posing in front of the camera and the last thing we want is for you to feel self-conscious about yourself. We want to help you find the BEST outfit that represents YOU and makes you feel as beautiful as you truly are.


How often do you get to dress up for anything nowadays? Make it memorable with a gorgeous dress or pair a pretty lace top with a flowy skirt!

Pro-tip: Keep in mind the location. Make sure your outfit will work wherever your photos will be taken. A short dress might not be a great idea if you are on a windy hill!


Maybe you're not into wearing dresses - and that is OK! Find some comfy jeans and pair it with a pretty top or oversized sweater.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: Choose comfortable, practical shoes.

Choose neutral colored shoes that match your outfits and don't stand out too much. Go for a cute ankle bootie or, if you want high heels, be sure the heel is thicker so it's easy to walk in.


Take some time to get your makeup and hair done! Because, WHY NOT? How often do you get to feel pampered and look your best? And while you're at it, get some glamour shots!

Pro-tip: Hair care. Bring a brush and hair spray in case of any flyaways!


Accessories can add an additional element of interest to your shoot! Throw in a fun scarf, cute hat, or intricate jewelry for some fun details!

Pro-tip: Get your bling cleaned. Make sure to have your ring cleaned and ready to shine!


Don't forget about the guy's outfit! It's easy to put time and effort into the women's outfit and wait til the last minute for the guys. Plan ahead! We recommend pairing a neutral button down shirt (i.e. chambray blue, gray, cream, etc.) with either jeans or tan pants. Go for a more casual look with a cool jacket or loose tee.

Pro-tip: The problem with polos. Some polo shirts work great with your outfits but other times it may look similar to work attire. We want your outfits to blend well together so be sure to think ahead before throwing in a last-minute polo decision!


Let's have fun while taking your photos! Have a styled shoot with a theme in place and plan accordingly with the appropriate props! Throw in a bouquet of flowers for an added color-pop!

Pro-tip: Save some money and make the bouquet yourself! The floral bouquets seen above are all DIY! We bought various flowers from Trader Joes or Whole Foods and put together the bouquets ourselves! (Also, in the last pictures above, the paper flowers (YES PAPER FLOWERS!!!) were handmade by the bride-to-be for their engagement shoot!)

Get creative in your themed shoots! These two wanted to have a picnic! Such a sweet idea!

Be different! Add in some creative props that have meaning for you as a couple! This bride-to-be handmade all her props! The details were even tailored down to the fiancés frog shirt (as he was becoming a veterinarian) - what a great idea!


Have fun!

We want you to have the best photoshoot experience with us, and outfits play a huge part in that. We understand it can be stressful when preparing for your photoshoot, like choosing your outfits, getting your makeup done, and all the while feeling self-conscious of the way you look. But don't worry--leave it to us to alleviate your worries, make your photoshoot enjoyable, memorable, and stress-free!