Last summer marked 5 years that my husband and I (Heather) have been married! It took us a few months after that to take anniversary photos, but boy was it worth the wait! The perks of having a photographer for a sister! ;-)

I'm so grateful for my husband, and God bringing him into my life. Short version of our story--we met at church, served with each other in Children's Ministry, became friends, then liked each other, prayed where God was leading us in our relationship, started dating knowing that we were the "one" for each other; became engaged, then married! We've experienced many ups and downs in our marriage, but I wouldn't have it any other way because in the midst of those trials your faith in God grows, you rely on Him, and He becomes the foundation of your marriage. I can honestly say I love my husband now more than I did the day we married, and enjoy doing life with him! :-)

Enjoy these amazing photos my sister Kissy took! :-D