Be ready to be flooded with CUTENESS! We've had the privilege of being this family's photographers for the past 2 1/2 years! We took little Audrey's newborn photos last year, as well as six-months and now her 1 year old photos! It's so fun seeing the progression of children growing up--they change so much!

We can relate to this family, since they have 4 girls, and we come from a family of 4 daughters (our poor dad!). ;-) As you can imagine, getting four kids to smile all at the same time can be challenging, but Matt and Sarah are so patient with their girls, and they did a great job! There were some tears, but also lots of giggles and laughter.

From her gorgeous blue eyes to her little curly-cues, Audrey is so full of personality; each photo can be "narrated" because she's so expressive! She loved her delicious, baby-friendly, low-sugar cake, handmade by the same friend who made the cakes for our twin birthday cake smash a few months ago!

There were some hiccups during this session (like the cake falling off the cake stand--thankfully it was still intact when we put it back!) but we were able to still get adorable photos of this little one, her family, and her cake! She's so happy and joyful, and a blessing to her family. We think we laughed the whole time during this shoot because this little girl is hilarious! Enjoy!

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