We're so excited we get to take photos of this cute couple's wedding in November! We always like spending time getting to know our HKCreate brides and grooms before their wedding, so they're comfortable with us and able to be themselves. :-)

We met Kaitlin when she was a bridesmaid in one of our previous weddings, and were so happy she chose us to be her photographers! This was our first time meeting Graeson, and we found out we have a lot of interests in common -- like being fans of Star Wars movies, The Office and Parks & Recreation TV shows! It's always amusing when someone understands the quotes we say from those shows (we tend to say quotes from those shows often!). ;-)

These two posed so easily, we hardly had to give them any direction during this shoot! From the wind blowing through the tall wheat grass (which at one point a hare popped out from a hole and startled us!), to the warm glow of the sunset, we enjoyed every moment of this photoshoot!