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There are people you call "friends" who are more like "yeah we hang out every once in a while" and then there are "forever friends." Friends who stick through the thick and thin, who see you in your awkward adolescent years to your awkward adult years. People who encourage you and pray for you and put time and effort into the friendship. Friends who - no matter the distance or not talking in months - will pick up where you last left off and continue on as if there were no distance or time away.

We had the privilege of being a part of our forever friend's wedding in May, and not only were we honored to take the photos of her wedding but we also were IN her wedding.

Julie has been our friend for almost 20 years (YIKES!) and grew up with us in the Bay Area. We would make home videos and go on field trips together (home school life y'all) and go to each other's birthday parties. When Julie moved to Boston for college, we maintained our friendship through emails and phone chats. In those phone chats we would update each other on life, and last year was when we got the phone call: "I have a micro-macro-nano crush on a guy." And in walks Will.

Will and Julie met at their church bible study. They began their relationship a few months later and have continued their journey to marriage. We met Will over the holidays and were able to take their engagement photos when they came out at the end of the year. Will is the type of person you feel as if you've known them forever and are able to be yourself with. He definitely brings out the joyful glow in Julie and she to him as well.

Cue wedding week! Lush, green, trees and foliage. Billowing thundering rainclouds, scenic landscapes wherever you ventured—these are only a few things to describe how beautiful Chapel Hill, North Carolina was. Being from California, us city girls are used to yellow hills and dry grass but we were so delighted to see so much green! Even though it was raining—it still proved to be a beautiful day. Julie and Will were the epitome of calm, and we couldn’t be more happy with the way their photos turned out. It was such a great experience for our first destination wedding! We are so happy for Will and Julie! We hope you enjoy these photos as much as we do!


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