Yep, you got that right. No mis-spelling here, those are their names. But these two have a WAY better love story than the old Little Mermaid's "unduh da sea." We met Ariel through her sister from one of our previous weddings earlier that year. When we met with her and she explained a wedding in the woods, we just couldn't wait to take her pictures on her wedding day. The day started with some fog and cleared right before their ceremony. They had their flowergirl walk down blowing a bubble gun (so cute) in boots while the bride was preparing the descent from a massive staircase. To say that we're still not swooning over these photos would be a lie. We enjoyed Ariel and Eric's wedding and were so blessed by their calm attitudes throughout the day. They were the sweetest couple to take photos of and they made us feel like one of the guests! Enjoy some of the moments we captured from their wedding day!

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